Interview Tips for Houston Oil & Gas Workers

As top energy recruiters in Houston, Murray Resources knows the statistics aren’t pretty these days when you look at the oil and gas industry. However, if you were recently laid off or are looking for a job in Houston’s energy industry, there are steps you can take to put yourself in a better position to succeed, including acing the interview. To help you bring your ‘A’ game to your next job interview, follow these tips:

Tip #1: Prepare ahead of time.

Even if you’ve worked in the industry for years, you still need to do your homework before you walk into an interview room. That means conducting thorough research of the company you’re applying to, including visiting their website and social media profiles; learning about their history, vision, goals and challenges, and where they fit in the overall oil and gas supply chain; reading through their annual report; and knowing the job description so you can talk about how your background is a good fit for it.

Additionally, if you know someone who already works at the company, reach out to them and ask for any tips on getting hired. Most times, people are glad to help out.

Tip #2: Present yourself professionally.

When you’re interviewing for a new job, you need to dress the part. Image is everything in today’s culture and if you show up in jeans and a t-shirt, you’re not going to make the best impression, regardless of your experience. Remember too, the first impression is often the last one. So dressing smart, being on time, acting professionally, and speaking articulately are all critically important to your success in landing the job. It sends the message to the potential employer that you care about the opportunity.

Tip #3: Promote your experience.

If you already have experience in the oil and gas industry, then leverage it. Promote it by giving specific examples of relevant projects you’ve worked on, the results you’ve delivered, and how that experience can help you in the role you’re interviewing for. If you’re looking to land your first job in oil and gas, then talk about how your skills are transferable from another industry. Give the hiring manager specific examples of how you can successfully switch from a different industry and what you can bring to the table that’s unique as a result.

Tip #4: Ask meaningful questions.

Remember a job interview is a two-way street. You’re trying to determine whether or not the position is a good fit for you, just as much as the employer is trying to find out whether you’re right for the job. In addition, asking questions shows the hiring manager that you are enthusiastic about the position and want to know more. Generally, candidates ask questions at the end of an interview, but depending on how the interview involves, you can certainly ask questions throughout.

If you’d like expert help finding your next Houston oil and gas job, call Murray Resources. As leading energy recruiters in Houston, we can connect you with top employers and top jobs. Contact us today to learn more.