If you want a job, Texas is the place to be


HOUSTON, Texas – Texas is the place to be if you want a job because 441,200 positions were added in the Lone Star State over the past year. That’s about one-third of all the jobs added across the entire country.

“New businesses are coming, or they are opening a regional office here or moving headquarters here. Because of our lower taxes, less regulation, so I think that businesses are finding that not only are the employees and candidates moving to Texas but it`s a smart place to move their businesses as well,” explained Kimberly Carpenter, a Senior Recruiter with Murray Resources.

The top three fastest growing states for jobs by percentage are, Texas, at 3.7 percent, Utah with 3.8 percent, and North Dakota with a 5 percent hike.

Texans are proud of the numbers. “I think it`s great for Texas, I think it`s great for Texans, I`m glad to live here,” according to Beth Shumilak.
Ryan House said, “The Texas Gulf Coast is booming. We get the beneficiary of all the construction from that.”

The leading Texas jobs are trade, transportation and utilities. Together, those sectors added almost 90,000 jobs in the last year.

“We`re looking good in Texas, especially Houston. If you`re looking for a job come to Houston, plenty of jobs around,” said Isaac Mireles. On second thought, who wants more traffic? Let’s not advertise our greatness!