Oil and gas: Contract staff still in demand


The energy industry – particularly the oil and gas field – looks to find innovative ways to lock in demand and thrive during the current economic climate.

Some companies are looking to contract workers to take on greater roles, leading to promising employment prospects for these employees in the energy industry.

Business goes on

“Companies still have businesses to run and products to refine and ship. In a downturn, companies understand the need to be more innovative to compete, and a big part of that is attracting the best of the best from a talent perspective,” said Keith Wolf, managing director of Murray Resources, a Houston-based staffing firm serving a range of industries. There’s a lot of legwork that goes into finding great talent. We work with our client agencies to help them understand that it’s still a competitive talent market and top talent always has choices.

“We help build a profile of the position and the company that will effectively attract that talent.”