Skilled non-engineering labor still has shortages


The petrochemical industry, along with other areas of the oil and gas sector, is moving ahead, expanding and renovating.

Any given year, the oil and gas industry spends at least $2 billion on projects, and it is projected they will spend $20 billion a year,” said Jim Hanna, spokesperson, human resources, construction, fabrication and craft services, Fluor Corp., Houston.

These projects spell jobs. Yet, there continues to be a scarcity of almost all skilled workers.

“Around the Gulf Coast there is a shortage of skilled labor, and across the U.S., there is a shortage workers to fill these positions,” Hanna said.

The midstream market is also hot, and the skilled labor for this industry is active.

“Designers and welders serving the petrochemical plants are very much in demand. In fact, we are seeing some of the larger companies in the region contributing money and equipment to colleges to help train labor to address the shortage,” said Keith Wolf, managing director, Murray Resources, a Houston-based recruiting and staffing firm.

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