Top IT Recruiting Trends for 2020

When it comes to recruiting, it’s a whole new world. Gone are the days of classified ads or broadcasting on major job boards only. Instead, today, social recruiting, online networking, employer branding, and more play a big part in the process.

So for 2020, what are some of the future trends in IT recruitment you need to be aware of? Here’s a look:

Creating a better candidate experience.

When it comes to recruiting tech talent, you need to ensure their interactions and experience overall with your company is a positive one. This means a clear job description, an easy application process, following up with them in a reasonable timeframe, and communicating next steps.

Even if they don’t get the job, taking these actions will create a friendlier and more welcoming reputation for your employer brand. This is especially important considering the high demand there is for IT people. If they have a negative experience with you, they won’t apply again in the future. They might even broadcast their complaints on social media.

Placing more emphasis on soft skills.

It’s obviously important in the tech world for a candidate to have the IT skills you need. But another talent acquisition trend for 2020 that’s taking off is also emphasizing soft skills. These include communication, presentation skills, collaboration, and flexibility.

The best ways to find candidates with the soft or essential skills you need is to be clear about them in your job description, as well as ask questions during the interview process that enable you to screen for them.

Sourcing candidates proactively.

Thanks to technology and, more specifically, social media, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with potential candidates. It’s why so many IT recruiters are focusing on passive candidates and creating relationships with them, filling up a pipeline for when they do need to hire. Another benefit? The candidate is also already familiar with the company brand and therefore more likely to express an interest in an opportunity presented to them.

Developing a strong employer brand.

Whether you’re hiring or not, your company needs a strong and compelling employer brand that’s highly visible to the kinds of tech candidates you’re looking for. Doing that means interacting on those sites that are most likely to attract people with the skills you need. For instance, become a part of the conversation by regularly posting content, videos, articles, white papers, and more.

When it comes to IT recruiting trends, it’s also important to have a career website or section on your company site that talks about your employer brand. This should cover culture, company leadership, top products and services, and give a big picture overview of what makes your organization special or unique.

Artificial intelligence is still on the horizon.

While some companies have been early adopters of this technology, others are playing a wait-and-see game. But whatever happens with it, it likely will play a role in the future of IT recruiting.

There are many reasons why, including the fact that with AI, there aren’t the internal biases that can often cloud the tech recruiting and hiring process. Likewise, AI can become an important part of the prescreening and early screening process, freeing up HR staff to focus on more meaningful conversations with candidates.

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