Our Process

How We Achieve 95% Candidate Success

It’s All About Finding the Perfect Fit

What makes a great hire? Skills? Experience? Or is it something more? At Murray Resources, we strongly believe that people perform best when they do work they are naturally suited to do.

The MASTRTM Program

We’ve used our 30 years of recruiting experience to develop our MASTR (Murray Assessment, Screening, Testing and Referencing) process to ensure the best possible skill and cultural match between employee and employer.

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Here’s how The MASTR Program works:

Murray Resources uses the DISC Personality Profile, the most established, validated, and reliable behavioral work style assessment tool. The DISC Personality Profile system uses a four-dimensional model of normal behavior and helps identify candidates who are in the same quadrants of the behavioral demands of the job.

To access specific on-the-job skills, Murray Resources uses a state-of-the-art Assessment System that provides totally computerized specialty testing. This system is designed to elicit responses that reveal a candidate’s personality traits, biographical history, and problem-solving ability. This data is then translated into a candidate profile of strengths and development needs.

Murray Resources assists in developing interview questions, helps refine the search down to the top two or three candidates, and provides guidance through the final interviews and completion of the hiring process.

Appropriate skill tests are administered to viable candidates. Murray Resources uses an online assessment tool that is the most accurate and validated testing and training site of its kind. Using this technology, the company has the capability of testing a wide and diverse range of skill sets.

Reference & Background Checks

Harris County JIMS 
Every candidate who comes through the door at Murray Resources is given a Harris County JIMS background check. This online service provides a detailed report that covers civil and criminal records in Harris County.

Murray Background Checks 
For all temp-to-hire and direct hire placements, Murray Resources has the resources to provide extensive background and nationwide criminal check information, as well as perform statewide social security background checks.

Murray Reference Checks 
Employment experts estimate that 30 percent of resumes contain false or exaggerated information. Dates of employment are often expanded to cover gaps, or college degree information is inaccurate. As part of the process, Murray Resources conducts degree checks and verifies information with previous employers.

Drug Screening
As a condition of employment, all candidates are provided a copy of Murray Resources’ Temporary Applicant Guidelines and are required to sign an acknowledgment form that they have read the policy in detail and understand and agree to its terms. A 6-panel drug-screening test is administered upon request of the client company.