The Murray Difference

Houston’s Premier Staffing Firm. Proven Methods, Proven Results.

What distinguishes Murray Resources from other recruiting firms and staffing agencies?

Proven people.

Everyone on our team has earned a CPC (Certified Personnel Consultant) or CTS (Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist) accreditation from the National Association of Personnel Services. We are experts at staffing and recruiting with more than 30 years of experience serving employers throughout Houston.

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Proven process.

Our approach to staffing isn’t just a little bit different; it’s a whole different ball game. While most staffing firms emphasize transactional services (taking and filling job orders), Murray Resources focuses on providing more strategic solutions.

By acting as workforce consultants, we are able to find innovative and intelligent strategies for improving productivity, meeting project deadlines, improving hiring quality, decreasing turnover, and reducing total labor costs.

Our MASTRTM recruiting and candidate assessment process assures the highest quality matches between job seeker and employer, so you will get people who not only have the right qualifications, but who also have the appropriate personality fit for your organization.

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Proven results.

More than anything, the biggest difference with Murray Resources is the one that matters most: bottom line results.

  • 95% client satisfaction rate – measures client satisfaction vs. expectations.
  • Our clients have worked with us for over 11 years, on average.
  • Murray Resources counts 11 Fortune 1000 companies as clients.
  • Client referrals are Murray Resources’ largest source of new clients.
  • #1 most awarded recruiting firm in Texas
  • A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau.

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