‘Hot Topics in HR’

Delivering the Best HR Speakers on the Planet

‘Hot Topics in HR’ – hosted by Murray Resources

Murray Resources’ “Hot Topics in HR” events are the premier human resources event for Houston company leaders, HR professionals, and hiring managers. “Hot Topics in HR” consistently delivers the best HR speakers and thought leaders on the planet.

Past event topics include:

  • Generations in the Workplace
  • Building a Culture with Intent
  • The Science of Happiness
  • Attention Management as the New Path to Productivity
  • Accountability: The Key to a High-Performance Culture
  • Getting Others to Get It: New Information in the Art of Persuasion
  • Breakthrough Leadership: How leaders can achieve dramatic breakthroughs in themselves and their organizations
  • Smarter Next Year: Increasing intelligence at any age
  • Ignite Brilliance in Your Leadership
  • The Elephant in the Boardroom: How leaders use and manage conflict to reach greater levels of success
  • Because Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast
  • Leadership: Catching, Motivating, and Keeping the Best Employees
  • The Power or Company Culture: Growing Business and Empowering People
  • The Science Behind Employee Engagement

Watch Videos from Past Hot Topics in HR Events: