3 Myths About Working With a Recruiting Firm You Should Ignore

3 Myths About Working With a Recruiting Firm You Should Ignore

When you’re looking for a job, it can sometimes feel like you’re operating blindly. It’s hard to know what a particular position or employer is really like. In addition, there might be times when you don’t hear back after you submit your resume or post-interview – and you’re left waiting and wondering.

Plus, even with today’s worker shortage, competition is still fierce among candidates for the best jobs. One small detail can make all the difference between who gets the offer and who has to continue with their job search. That’s where a recruiting firm can help.

With professional recruiters in place, you’ll have access to opportunities you might not otherwise hear about. At the same time, you can find those jobs that are a fit for your career vision and goals. You will also have a partner who will advocate for you, as well as help you with the details of your search, like polishing your resume and preparing for interviews.

That said, there are some myths surrounding recruiting firms and the way they treat candidates and companies. To set them straight, here’s the fact behind the fiction.

Myth #1: Recruiters Only Care About Filling Empty Seats.

Recruiting is more than about filling job openings, but about relationships. For the candidate, a recruiter wants to connect them to a position that is the best fit. That means they don’t simply want to give you access to a job, but the right role with an employer that suits your needs, goals and lifestyle.

Likewise, when it comes to working with companies, a reputable recruiter aims to do more than fill an empty seat, but have a positive working partnership that benefits the company in many ways. This includes by helping them meet productivity goals, take on new clients, expand offerings, and remain competitive. It’s why working with a recruiter is a win for both candidates and companies.

Myth #2: Recruiters Spam Countless Candidates for One Job Opening.

Unfortunately, there are less-than-reputable recruiters who might do this. However, most professional recruiters take a far more targeted approach. Rather than spamming hundreds of candidates in search of the right one, most recruiters will instead assess their existing talent pipeline and candidate network to look for those who are a good match for the role they are trying to fill.

If they do reach out to a passive qualified candidate, it will be done so in a personalized way, not through a generic spam email. Before this even happens, though, a recruiter will be researching the background of that candidate to make sure they have the experience and background to meet the hiring needs of a company. So, if you’re getting spammed by your recruiter, then you’re working with the wrong one.

Myth #3: Recruiters Will Send You to Any Interview You’re Qualified for…Even if It’s Not the Right Fit.

Reputable recruiters want to make the right match between a company and a candidate. To do that, they will talk to you about your goals, preferences, lifestyle and vision for a future position.

Even if a job is a great fit in terms of your hard skills, if the culture isn’t right for you or the demands are outside your comfort zone, a recruiter won’t just send you to the interview anyway. It’s a waste of time for them, for you and for their client.

Instead, the best recruiters will work to ensure the positions they are sending you to interview for are truly a good match. At the same time, they do all this free of charge for you. The hiring company foots the bill for the recruiter.

Plus, there’s typically a stipulation in the contract with guarantees for a period of time, such as 60 days. If a new hire doesn’t work out, then the recruiter will have to refund the company’s payment. It’s therefore in the recruiter’s best interest to make excellent matches.

Finding a new job can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. However, it’s so much easier with a recruiter. They have the insight, network and expertise to help guide you through the process. It will not only be less stressful for you, but you’ll find a better-fit job in the end, oftentimes much faster than you would on your own.

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