4 Tips for Accepting a Job Offer

As one of the leading recruiting agencies in Houston, Murray Resources knows when you get a job offer, you probably want to shout about it from the rooftops. After all, you’ve probably spent the last few months polishing your resume, searching, interviewing and searching some more. So it feels great when someone says “we want you.”

But before you say yes, you need to take a step back and analyze the opportunity. Even if you’re sure you want the job, it’s never a good idea to agree immediately. You want to give yourself enough time to think through position, the compensation and all the perks through before you agree.

So rather than offering an immediate acceptance of the job, here’s what to do next:

Tip #1: Say thanks.

Your first step should be to express appreciation for the job offer. Whether you plan to accept the offer “as is,” or you’re going to negotiate, it’s important to demonstrate your excitement and appreciation for the opportunity. It sets a positive tone for conversations going forward.

Tip #2: Ask for the offer in writing.

You don’t want to be making major life decisions based on a conversation. Ask them for the job offer in writing, which should include the job title, start date and salary at the very least. This makes the offer official.

Tip #3: Take some time to think about it.

Ask when they want a decision by. If they say immediately, then this should be a red flag. Pressuring doesn’t leave a great impression. Most companies expect you to take at least a couple days to think about it.

That said, you don’t want to put them off for too long. If they don’t give you a deadline, promise to get back to them within a couple of business days. However, if you want to negotiate the terms, ask to set up a meeting in person to talk over the details.

Tip #4: Say yes.

If you do negotiate with the company and they agree to your terms, then make sure you ask for the revised offer in writing, as well. You want to ensure everyone’s on the same page and there aren’t any unwelcome surprises down the road.

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