5 Underused Tactics to Make an Immediate, Genuine Connection with Anyone

Happy almost-weekend, everyone!

Or as we at Murray Resources, one of the leading staffing agencies in Houston, TX like to call it, happy Network to Get Work Friday!

What better time to network than when everyone is ready to unwind and de-stress from a long week? If that statement sounded contradictory to you, it looks like we need to help you revamp your definition of networking. Many people still are under the dated impression that forging new professional connections must take place in a business setting, wearing business attire, discussing business-related topics, etc…   What you’re hopefully beginning to pick up on from our weekly Friday rant, however, is that networking can happen anytime, anywhere, with anyone!

Our article today comes from Scott Dinsmore over at Brazen Careerist and provides what we think is an awesome list of five underused tactics to make an immediate, genuine connection with anyone. While Murray Resources and other staffing agencies in Houston, TX are valuable resources with an extensive network, creating lasting, meaningful connections is a responsibility that ultimately falls upon you.

With these five creative tips in mind (we especially love #4), we encourage you to treat every new interaction this weekend as a potential networking opportunity – have fun, be friendly, and see what happens!


Can’t wait until next Friday for more networking tips? Check out last week’s Network to Get Work post about online networking.

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