6 Cover Letter Rules to Follow When Searching For Houston Jobs

Are you spinning your wheels trying to write a cover letter that’s going to stand out? You’re certainly not alone. In fact, as one of Houston’s top job placement agencies, Murray Resources knows most job candidates struggle with composing the perfect cover letter. It’s one of the most dreaded parts of the job search process – right up there with an interview.

So if you’re having trouble, what can you do? Start by following these tips – and increasing your odds of landing an interview:

Tip #1: Don’t repeat yourself.

This is one of the biggest mistakes job candidates make – simply repeating what’s already on your resume. But your cover letter is an opportunity to provide new information to a hiring manager. And it can be the difference between winning an interview and getting passed over. So focus on something fresh, or expand upon a point you made in your resume.

Tip #2: Don’t focus too much on education.

Sure, you might hold a pricey degree from a fancy institution of higher education. But what hiring managers really want to know is: What can you do for them. So don’t focus too much on your education credentials. Instead, talk about your work experience and how you can make an impact at the company. Even if you have limited work experience, highlight volunteer or internship positions you’ve held.

Tip #3: Do focus on relevant experience.

You might have worked on a big project in your last job. But if it has nothing to do with the position you’re applying for, don’t write about it. Instead, think about the accomplishments that are most relevant to the job – and highlight those in your cover letter instead.

Tip #4: Start with a story.

Having a hard time getting the creative juices flowing? Start your letter with a story. For instance, why are you applying to the company? Have you been a fan of it for years? Do you dream about one day working there? Stories are a great way to stand out and bring your background to life.

Tip #5: Throw in a few numbers.

Hiring managers love numbers. So if you can quantify an accomplishment, all the better. For example, rather than just saying you managed a team, talk about how you managed a team of 10 people and were responsible for a $100k departmental budget.

Tip #6: Be mindful of your tone.

Don’t write in a way that’s too formal, or robotic. You want to come across as a human being. So be engaging, approachable, and friendly – but still professional.

Need more help with your cover letter or job search? Call Murray Resources. As one of Houston’s top job placement agencies, we can help you create a stellar resume and cover letter, as well as locate positions that best match your skills and interests – whether you’re looking to move up the corporate ladder, re-enter the workforce, get more experience, or just gain more control over your schedule. Contact us today to learn more.