6 Tips for Surviving Your First Day as a Temporary Worker

So you just landed your first temporary assignment. Congratulations! To help you survive your first week – and beyond, here are 6 tips to follow:

Tip #1: Know your stuff.

Before the first day, make sure you know important details, such as where you have to report to and when, who you supervisor will be and what time your shift will begin. Also, make sure you find out about the proper work attire and how you’re supposed to track your hours.

Tip #2: Be prepared on your first day.

If you interviewed with a temporary job agency in Houston – rather than the actual employer, make sure you know the location and how to get to the company you’re assigned to. Also, give yourself some extra time to get there in case of traffic or construction, so you’re not late. Finally, bring a pen and notebook with you in case you’re not given these items so you can take notes throughout the day. Bring a lunch, as well, in case there aren’t nearby restaurants or a company cafeteria.

Tip #3: Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Before your first day, take some time to read through the company website so you can learn about their mission, vision, services and executive leadership team. Formulate questions you have about the company and your assignment. Don’t just ask a question for the sake of it. But do ask insightful questions that will help you perform your job better. When you do, you’ll get up and running faster.

Tip #4: Be friendly and strive to connect with others.

It’s easy to feel shy and awkward during your first days on the job. But make an effort to put yourself out there and try to meet and get to know your new colleagues. Always be friendly, polite and helpful to everyone you encounter and participate in social activities when you’re invited.

Tip #5: Work hard.

Even though this is a temporary assignment, work just as hard as if it was a permanent, full-time job. Complete tasks to the best of your ability and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you need extra help. Be positive and demonstrate a good attitude through your words and behaviors. And go the extra mile so you make a great impression.

Tip #6: Follow up with your temporary job agency.

Stay in touch with your temporary job agency so you can ask about any performance feedback they’ve received about you. Also, if you have any questions or concerns, bring them up to your agency immediately.

Working as a temp can be a great experience. Just be sure to follow the tips above so you put your best foot forward when you start your new assignment.

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