After the Interview: How to Write the Perfect Thank You Note

Job interview thank you note

How to write a job interview thank you note

You nailed the job interview. Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for the offer, right? Wrong. As one of the country’s top recruitment firms, we’re here to tell you that you still have some work to do.

It may sound old-fashioned, but it’s important to write a thank you note to the person (or people) who interviewed you. In fact, one in five recruiters and hiring managers will automatically dismiss a candidate if they haven’t sent an interview thank you email. 

And since 57% of candidates don’t send thank-you notes after an interview, you’ll stand out from the crowd with a polished, thoughtful note. Here’s how to write the perfect job interview thank you note in three simple steps, as well as sample templates:

Step 1: Note the name of each interviewer.

In a physical interview, ask each person interviewing you for a business card. That way, you will have the proper spelling of their name (is it Cindy or Cindi or Cyndi?), as well as their title and contact information. 

If you’re completing a virtual interview, take notes when each interviewer introduces his or herself. After the interview, look on the company website (check the “About Us” page) or LinkedIn for the proper spelling of their names. If you don’t address them correctly in your job interview thank you note, they will certainly notice.

Step 2: Decide how to send your note.

The format of your thank you note matters. While some hiring managers might be partial to a handwritten message, our hiring industry survey found that email was overwhelmingly the format winner.

job interview thank you email

Sixty-nine percent of hiring managers prefer receiving an email. Handwritten cards stood at 25% and thank you phone calls at only 6%.

The lesson here? Open your email account and start drafting the perfect email!

Step 3: Follow the proper writing format.

Writing an interview thank you note involves following a business email format and customizing each letter for the position and the recipient. Your letter should:

  • Provide a clear subject line. 
  • Include a salutation such as “Dear <Insert name>. 
  • Thank the interviewer for their time.
  • Repeat why you are right for the position and restate your enthusiasm for the opportunity.
  • Include any interesting details or commonalities that may have come up during the interview.
  • Close by stating you look forward to hearing from the interviewer. 
  • Include your name as a closing. 

Here’s an example of a job interview thank you note following this format:

Dear Michael,

Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me yesterday. After learning more about the sales opportunity, as well as your company, the position seems like an excellent match for my skills and interest.

As we discussed, I have a proven track record of growing revenue, including increasing sales by 15% with my past employer. In addition to my sales abilities, I feel my energy, drive, and leadership skills would be an asset to your company.

I am very interested in the position and would welcome the opportunity to work at ABC Inc. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Your Name Here

A few extra tips? Keep your email font size between 11-12 points. Use a font that is easy to read such as Calibri or Helvetica. Avoid too many exclamation points – let your words speak for themselves. If you have fewer than five recipients, use their titles and last names in the salutation (or first names if the company is informal). 

And don’t forget to edit! According to the Murray Resources survey, 87% of hiring managers, executives, and HR professionals report that poorly written or unprofessional communication removed a candidate from consideration.

Run your email or letter through a grammar check such as Grammarly before inserting hiring manager email addresses to catch any careless errors. You don’t want anything to damage your professionalism.  

Click “Send” when you’re sure that the email is polished and accurate. 

Three thank you note templates

Still need a little help? Here are several thank you note examples from our sister company, ResumeSpice, that you can tweak to create the perfect thank you email:

Informal Thank You Email

Perhaps you’ve interviewed for an entry-level or mid-level position at a startup or smaller company. The following thank you note would be appropriate. 

Subject Line: Thank you for your time, <Interviewer Name>!

Dear <Interviewer Name>,

Thank you for meeting with me on <Day>. I enjoyed learning more about the <Position Name> and <Company Name>. 

What I found particularly interesting was <something unique about the position.> I believe that my skill set in <x,y,z> would lend itself well to this responsibility. 

At <Previous Company Name>, I approached a similar task and I took <x,y,z steps> to achieve <provide quantifiable results>.

On a personal note, I enjoyed discussing <sports team, home town, or your shared love of dogs>. <Add a personal note about it>

If you need additional information about my experience or skill set, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you by <follow up date discussed in the interview>.

Thank you again.

Best regards,

<Your Name>

Formal Thank You Email

If you’ve interviewed for a senior management position, this thank you email would be more appropriate as it has a formal tone. 

Subject Line: Follow-up regarding <Position Name> 

Dear Mr./Mrs. <Interviewer’s Last Name>, 

I want to formally thank you for meeting with me on <Day> regarding <Position Name>. I enjoyed discussing <specifics from your conversation> and learning about <Company Name>.

Your vision for <x,y,z> and insights about <topic discussed> were compelling and aligned with my personal and professional values. I believe that my experience and skill set with <specific business activity> are a perfect fit for <Company Name>.

Regarding the challenges you mentioned with the position, I approached similar challenges with positive results at <Previous Company Name>. I took <x,y,z steps> to achieve <provide quantifiable results>.

I was also interested to learn about <specific project within the position>. Please find attached a document with preliminary ideas and their projected impact on the company. In summary, this document includes:

  • Detail 1
  • Detail 2
  • Detail 3

If you need additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to our follow-up conversation on <date discussed>.

Thank you again for your time. 

Best regards,

<Your Name>

Second Interview Thank You Email

Making it to the second round of an interview process is an accomplishment! Here’s what your follow-up thank you note could include:

Subject Line: Thank you again for your time!

Dear <Interviewer Name>:

Thank you again for your time. I enjoyed our 2nd interview and learning about specific projects for <Position Name>.

As discussed, the position’s responsibilities align closely with my previous experience and skill set of <x,y,z>.

I am confident that I can achieve the results that <Company Name> desires. I’ve attached a <document that includes ideas that relate to your conversation> for your review. In summary, this document includes:

  • Detail 1
  • Detail 2
  • Detail 3

Please let me know if you need additional information. I look forward to hearing from you by <follow-up date discussed in the interview). 

Best regards,

<Your Name>

Stand out with a prompt job interview thank you note.

According to our hiring industry survey, 85% of hiring managers, executives and HR professionals say that a candidate’s follow-up after an interview makes a positive difference. 

Send your thank you note within 24 hours of the interview to show that you’re truly interested in the position. our job offer could just be one email away. 

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