Best 13 Apple Jobs for 2021

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If you’re interested in Apple jobs, you’re in luck. 

Apple is a massive global employer with 147,000 full-time employees. Though the work culture has been described as intense by some current and former employees, it’s one of the most admired and desired companies to work for in the world. 

According to PayScale, the average salary for Apple Computer, Inc employees is $126K per year.

We researched 13 top Apple jobs, including average salaries for each position. Check out this list and discover possible career opportunities with the company. 


Best Apple Jobs

1. Software Engineer

Average Salary: $135K

Job Summary: Your specific responsibilities with this position will depend on the department area laid out in the job description (e.g. Apple Pay), but normally requires a minimum of 5 years of experience in software engineering.

2. Product Manager

Average Salary: $140K

Job Summary: As a product manager at Apple, you’ll be responsible for leading the product development process within a specific Apple department such as Apple Advertising Platforms. Strong problem-solving skills, a can-do attitude, and the ability to succeed with cross-functional teams is desired. 

3. Architect

Average Salary: $147K

Job Summary: Apple employs many types of architects within the company. Job titles include “Architect – GPU or CPU” and “Secure Systems Architect, Platform Architecture.” This technical position falls under Apple’s hardware department and involves collaborating with engineers to connect Apple hardware and software into one unified system.

4. ASIC Design Engineer

Average Salary: $150K

Job Summary: As an ASIC Design Engineer, you will design the application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC) or Apple’s device-specific microchips. BSEE, MSEE, or 5+ years of relevant experience is preferred.

5. Information Systems Manager 

Average Salary: $163K

Job Summary: This IT position gives employees the unique opportunity to identify the information technology needs of the company and develop solutions based on these needs. 

6. CAD Sculptor/Digital 3D Modeler

Average Salary: $175K

Job Summary: The sculptor is responsible for creating high-quality digital 3D surface models for the Apple product development process. This position requires skills in digital 3D modeling. Familiarity in industrial design is also preferred. 

7. Procurement Manager

Average Salary: $176K

Job Summary: With this position, you will be responsible for purchasing decisions at Apple, working with finance or logistic departments, as well as suppliers. You will also develop strategies to properly manage corporate budgets.

8. Software Engineering Manager

Average Salary: $198K

Job Summary: A software engineering manager at Apple has the unique role of leading the design, development and delivery of key applications and integrations. A Bachelorʼs degree in Computer Science or Equivalent (5+ years experience in related field) is required.

9. Marketing Manager

Average Salary: $199K

Job Summary: Marketing department options are available when it comes to working as an Apple marketing manager including services marketing, product marketing, marketing communications, and corporate communications. As a manager, you’ll be responsible for leading initiatives and campaigns to effectively market the company. 

10. Industrial Designer

Average Salary: $202K

Job Summary: This position requires a passion for materials and material exploration, basic 3D software skills, and hands-on prototyping. Apple also looks for determined problem-solvers. An Industrial Design Degree is normally required.

11. Senior Finance Manager

Average Salary: $209K

Job Summary: A senior finance manager for Apple handles capital-related decisions and determines how the company’s money will be spent. The manager also communicates key numbers to company executives. 

12. Creative Director

Average Salary: $217K

Job Summary: If you’re a pro with marketing campaigns and solving problems, this position might be for you! The role requires a proven ability to create and direct high-quality campaigns and content creative.

13. Senior Director

Average Salary: $310K

Job Summary: If you’re able to secure a position as an Apple Senior Director, you’ll be responsible for strategic initiatives within specific company departments such as marketing communications, product marketing, and global trade compliance. Senior directors at Apple have been known to get promoted to vice president-level positions.


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