Check Out These YouTube Channels for the Best Career Advice

YouTube was founded in 2005 and is now known as the largest online video platform in the world. It features a wide variety of user-generated and corporate content that can provide you with knowledge on just about any topic. As one of Houston’s top employment agencies, we’re strong advocates of various YouTube channels that offer invaluable career advice. Here are some of the channels we recommend:

Job Hunting Secrets

We love Job Hunting Secrets because this channel comes with bright videos that make each message easy to understand and take in. Job Hunting Secrets is run by Ian Jenkins and covers a variety of topics such as How to Find Unadvertised Jobs, Fastest Way to Get a Job, and How to Get a Job with No Experience. It is great for job seekers who are early in the job search process.

Andrew LaCivita

Andrew LaCivita’s YouTube channel is ideal for job seekers who are over the age of 50 or changing jobs. LaCivita is a nationally recognized recruitment executive, author, and speaker. In his videos, he discusses How to Get the Job After Being Rejected, Should I Get Certifications to Help With My Career Change?, and The Best Techniques to Win the Panel Job Interview.

Self-Made Millennial

Self-Made Millennial is created by Madeline Mann, who is an operations leader in the blockchain industry. We think this is one of the most fun career channels on YouTube because Madeline’s videos focus on topics you may not find anywhere else. In addition, she’s brutally honest and does not sugarcoat anything. A few examples of the unique topics she covers include How to Build a Story Toolbox to Master a Job and How to Become Your Boss’ Favorite When Reporting to an Executive.

Get Career Advice at Murray Resources

While these YouTube channels can provide you with valuable career advice, they cannot replace the personalized attention and guidance you’ll receive if you work with experts at a Houston employment agency, like Murray Resources. We can offer you feedback on your resume, tips for interview prep, and insight into what hiring managers are looking for in their next great hire. Contact us today to learn more or get started.