Entry Interviews: Are You Conducting Them?

You’ve certainly heard of exit interviews when a worker resigns. But what about entry interviews?

If you don’t know what they are, entry interviews are interviews you conduct with your new hires – after they’ve spent some time on the job – to get feedback. And, as one of the leading Houston, TX staffing agencies, Murray Resources can tell you they provide employers with a variety of benefits.

For instance, conducting entry interviews increases retention. When it comes to engagement, those first few weeks on the job are critical for a new employee. If they have a negative experience – whether it’s due to a lack of training and support, issues with their manager, or expectations going unmet, then it’s going to lead to frustration and a lack of loyalty.

When a conduct entry interviews, however, you can spend some time with your new hires to learn about and nip any issues in the bud early on. You can also find out about their experience with the hiring and onboarding process and hone in on areas that need improvement in your company. As a result, you can boost overall employee satisfaction and morale, while at the same time ensuring each new hire stays on track.

Another reason for conducting these kinds of interviews is that it sends an important message to new hires. It shows you value their opinion and care about their happiness within their jobs and at the company as a whole.

When you’re conducting entry interviews, what kinds of questions should you ask?

Here are a few idea starters:

  • Are your performance goals clear?
  • Are the expectations you had for your new job being met? If not, how is your job different from what you thought it would be?
  • Do you need additional training or support in any areas?
  • What was your opinion of the hiring process?
  • Are there any areas that need improvement?
  • What was your opinion of the onboarding process?
  • Are there any areas that need improvement?
  • What do you look forward to most about your job each day? Least?

Before conducting an entry interview, it’s important to wait at least 30 days (if not 60) so the new hire can get their bearings in the role and at the company. Also, keep in mind that these interviews are really just conversations. You shouldn’t be trying to interrogate an employee. You should be focused on learning as much as you can so your company can improve its hiring and onboarding process, as well as boost the whole employment experience for all staff members.

If you’d like more help hiring, call Murray Resources. As one of the leading Houston, TX staffing agencies, companies all over the city rely on our expertise to source and retain talent for a variety of positions, ranging from entry level to C-level. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more.