Go from Temp to Full Time Before the Holidays

During the busy holiday season, it makes sense for employers to hire temporary workers to help with the increase in customers and demand. However, did you know that many of these Houston temporary jobs can be temp-to-hire positions? This simply means that companies are willing to convert that short-term assignment into a full-time opportunity for the right candidate.

So, if you’re interested in just such a possibility, what can you do to improve your chances? Here are a few steps to take:

Act like the job is already a permanent one

Just because a position is temporary in nature, doesn’t mean you should approach it any less seriously than you would a full-time role. Always work to make a good impression, from showing up on time to being prepared for meetings to offering a helping hand when extra support is needed.

Dress for the part

If you want to be considered for a full-time job, then you need to dress for the part. Sloppy or too-casual attire just won’t cut it. Instead, make sure what you’re wearing communicates your professionalism. Even if it’s a more casual environment, you can still wear clean, pressed clothes each day.

Make connections

When an employer is looking to hire a temporary employee on a full-time basis, they’re going to reach out to their core staff and get feedback. It’s why you want to be friendly, helpful and go out of your way to forge relationships with those you’re working alongside. Even if you don’t end up with a full-time job, you’ll still have expanded your network in the process.

Learn about the company

Make an effort to learn as much as you can about the company. Read through their website, research them online and review their social media profiles. The more you know, the better you’ll understand where your contributions fit in. You’ll also be able to offer up more informed opinions and ideas when asked.

Ask about next steps

If your assignment is coming to an end and you haven’t been offered a full-time role, let your manager know about your interest and inquire about that possibility. Be ready to offer specific examples of ways you’ve contributed to the team and why you’d be a good fit for a permanent role.

Interested in temp-to-hire work this season?

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