Having Problems With Quiet Quitting? Learn How a Staffing Firm Can Help

Besides the “Great Resignation,” there’s another trend happening in workplaces across the country and right here in Houston. It’s called “quiet quitting” and essentially means employees have mentally checked out, but are physically still there. They’re doing just enough to get the job done, but don’t really care to go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

It’s no wonder, considering two years of a worldwide pandemic. This is now being followed by a new normal of high gas prices, skyrocketing grocery prices, and a possible recession looming. People are tired of working hard and getting nowhere. As a result, they are barely working and just getting by.

So How Can You Overcome This Trend and Keep Your Staff Happy and Engaged?

One effective way is to conduct stay interviews. These are similar to exit interviews. However, they are conducted with current employees, not ones who have just quit.

The purpose of them is to find out more about each employee, their needs at work, and the challenges and struggles they are facing. These should be conducted in an informal way, such as over coffee, lunch, or even a drink. The end goal is to ensure you identify problems before they escalate, so that your workers remain with you rather than leaving for other opportunities.

The trick, though, isn’t just to conduct the stay interviews, but to follow through on the information you receive. If employees tell you about a challenge or difficulty, such as an issue with work life balance or a struggles with prioritizing too many tasks – and you don’t do anything about it – don’t expect stay interviews to work. However, if they do lead to improved conditions and a happier staff, then consider them a win.

Another Tip for Overcoming the Quiet Quitting Trend?

Partner with a staffing firm in Houston. They can ensure you’re getting the motivated and hard-working individuals you need from the start. Not only will they source, screen and vet better quality candidates, but they can also help with onboarding and training too. This enables you to build a strong, hard-working and productive team that can get more done – not just do the bare minimum.

Here are some other ways working with a staffing firm can help you navigate the difficult conditions ahead:

Sourcing Smart People.

When you hire those who are smart and motivated, then give them the autonomy and independence to do their jobs, you’re going to a get positive results. Not only will the individual flourish, but they’ll impact the company bottom line in a positive way.

Thanks to the vast candidate network that a staffing firm has, they have relationships with these kind of candidates, both active and passive, who can hit the ground running at your company. Rather than spending countless hours recruiting and reviewing resumes, you can focus your time and energy on other business priorities and still get the driven people you need – faster.

Evaluating Them Thoroughly.

In addition to sourcing candidates who are a better fit for your job openings, a staffing firm can also vet them carefully. Depending on your unique demands, this can include steps such as multiple rounds of interviews, reference checks, background checks, drug screening, skills testing, and more.

During the process, professional recruiters are able to target the strongest candidates and weed out the weaker ones – even those that look great on paper and make a good impression in an interview. This way, you don’t have to worry about making an expensive hiring mistakes that sets your company back. You can simply get quality new hires and peace of mind that they are the right match for your team.

Ensuring a Cultural Fit.

One of the main reasons people grow disengaged and quit shortly after being hired is due to a lack of cultural fit. They have the technical skills to do the job, but they don’t mesh well with the company culture and policies.

With a staffing firm, though, they go beyond assessing hard skills to also evaluating soft skills and personality. This ensures a potential new hire will thrive at your company and within its culture.

A staffing firm can do this in a range of ways, including through personality profiles and testing. In the long run, you’ll get people who are up for the challenges your company offers and ready to jump on board.

Ready for Help Building a More Engaged Team?

At Murray Resources, our Houston staffing firm can act as your workforce consultants. In the process, we can develop intelligent strategies and help you recruit smarter, more motivated new employees. In the process, you’ll decrease turnover and improve productivity, maintaining your competitive edge. Contact us today to get started.