How to Survive a Major Job Interview Blunder

As one of the leading staffing agencies in Houston, Murray Resources knows that job interviews aren’t exactly the most pleasant situations for candidates. They’re high-stress interactions that typically come at a time when you have a lot on the line.

It’s no wonder, then, that many candidates mess up during their interviews, from blanking on their answer to a question to blabbering on about nothing to sharing too much personal information.

Sound all too familiar to you?

If it does, then take a deep breath and relax. Most people screw up at least one job interview in their lifetime, so you’re certainly not alone. That said, there is something you can do to attempt to rectify an “interview gone bad.” What is it?

Send the interviewer a thank you letter – immediately.

You’re probably wondering what good that will do; but the answer is: A lot.

By doing so, you can attempt to salvage your reputation and perhaps put yourself back in the running for the job. If that doesn’t happen, you’ll demonstrate your humility and professionalism, which could help you should another job opportunity within the company arise in the future. And finally, even if you never see the hiring manager again, at least you’ll be able to leave a positive final impression.

But to craft an effective letter, it must contain a few essentials:

• Thank the hiring manager for the opportunity to interview.

• If you know you screwed up on a particular answer, then the hiring manager likely knows it, too. So use the letter as an opportunity to right the wrong. For instance, if you blundered the question about your career accomplishments, then highlight a few keys ones that pertain to the position.

• Re-iterate why you are, in fact, a great fit for the job opening and the company.

• Keep it short and sweet. And end it on a positive note.


Here’s what NOT to do:

Make it seem like it was the hiring manager’s fault…like somehow, they didn’t conduct an effective interview or ask the right questions, leading to your missteps. If you do that, then you won’t just screw up once; you’ll do it twice.

Want more help with your job search?

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