Is There a New Norm for the Engineering Industry?

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the workplace has been radically transformed. Gone are the days of going into the office from nine to five. In today’s world, working from home means blurred lines between career and personal lives; new, more flexible schedules; and a host of opportunities and challenges.

What does this mean specifically for the world of engineering?

While some organizations have offered remote working opportunities for years, engineering employers have lagged behind. This for a range of reasons, including many tools and processes rooted in old-fashioned workflows. In addition, engineering often requires a level of collaboration and teamwork that has made remote work difficult in the past.

However, now that remote work is no longer an option ­– but an essential – for many companies, some Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) simulation software and service providers are removing the legal barriers that prevented work from home in the past. They’re now offering free offline licensing and remote access options, so organizations can maintain a smooth workflow and productivity while employees are working from home.

Not only is the technology changing in a way that supports remote work, but so too is hiring and recruiting. Now with so many professionals working from home, employers can expand their workforce to include those who don’t live nearby. They can access talent all over the country and even the world, building a stronger, more diverse workforce in the process.

While some organizations are slowly transitioning back to the office, many organizations that were resistant to working remotely in the past are now fully embracing it. And for many, it simply makes sense.

If you’re one of them, your organization can build a reliable and sustainable workforce, enhance your level of creativity and productivity, and also keep your office overhead lower. In fact, it can become one factor that helps you sharpen and maintain the competitive edge you need in today’s challenging economy.

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