Looking to Expand Your Manufacturing Capacity? Here Are 5 Reasons to Work with a Recruiter

While the manufacturing industry is growing steadily across the U.S., here in Texas it’s expanding at a rapid pace. Even better, there’s more room to grow as demand is outpacing supply. The question for your manufacturing facility is: how do you find the right workers to expand your business and meet this increased demand?

The simple answer is by working with a Houston recruitment firm. When you have a professional to partner with, they can quickly find the right people you need, faster. They can also help you to combat turnover and deal with the fierce competition for today’s best people. Your manufacturing company will be able to excel with a stronger team in place, even in a tight labor market.

Here are five more reasons why working with a Houston recruitment firm makes sense for your manufacturing business:

They know where to source the best candidates.

When you’re hiring, it’s hard to know where to look to find the best candidates. However, recruiters are in constant contact with them. They also understand what channels to use to connect with those from different demographics, whether it’s through job boards, social media, local apprenticeship programs and community colleges, and a range of other places. This enables them to find skilled people with the appropriate level of experience.

They can screen candidates faster and more effectively.

Reviewing dozens or even hundreds of resumes can eat up a lot of time in your day. However, when you work with a recruiter, they will handle all the screening. They can evaluate resumes and find the top-fit candidates, then screen them carefully.

With a proven process in place, they’ll know how to get behind the candidate mask to ensure you’re only getting individuals who are a solid match for you. They can also vet them in other ways, including through interviewing, verifying references, and conducting background checks and skills testing. This ensures you don’t get any surprises or make a hiring mistake. You will simply get the hard-working and skilled people you need, where and when you need them.

They can promote your company.

When you’re looking to hire, are you only focusing on your company’s needs, or are you also making the case to candidates why they should work for you? With today’s worker shortage, it’s more important than ever to promote the perks, benefits, and unique attributes of your company culture. A recruiter can help you do this, so your positions are more appealing to the best-fit candidates. This is key since high-caliber candidates have their pick of jobs and the competition for them is fierce.

They nurture relationships with candidates.

You need to hire. However, a recruiter will be looking at the big picture and working to build a talent pipeline on your behalf. Over time, this means future hiring efforts will be easier and more effective. Rather than simply recruiting and networking when you need to hire, a recruiter can work for you all the time to ensure candidates are nurtured and relationships are developed.

They can educate you on changing candidate expectations.

Today, workers expect more – from salary and benefits to the workplace culture and advancement opportunities. When you partner with a recruiter, they can help ensure you’re meeting these needs, so you can evolve into an employer of choice. Companies that demonstrate their commitment to creating a positive and diverse work culture, one that supports its employees, will get greater interest from candidates and be able to hire top talent.

They can improve the candidate experience.

If your hiring process is complicated, cumbersome, and frustrating, it’s going to impact the quality of candidates you’re able to hire. However, a recruiter knows how to make the process candidate-centric in a range of ways, from an easy application to open communication about next steps. Even if a candidate doesn’t get hired, they’ll have a positive impression of your company that can enhance your overall brand.

Plus, they can be added to your talent pipeline and your recruiter can stay in contact with them. A future opportunity might be the ideal fit for them.

Keep your manufacturing facility optimally staffed with our recruiters.

At Murray Resources, we’ve worked with some of the top manufacturing companies in the Houston area and can connect you to smart, dependable, and hard-working candidates. Whether you’re looking to fill positions in quality assurance, maintenance, assembly, operations, management, or production, our team of recruiters can handle it all, so your job is easier and your team is stronger. Simply contact us today to get started.