Experts share tips on finding work after getting laid off


HOUSTON – Gloom over layoffs at three Houston-area Macy’sand the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center could actually be an opening for hundreds about to lose means to provide for their families.

Recruiters said five tips can help those laid off re-brand and rebound.

Connected recruiter Kim Carpenter, director of recruiting at Murray Resources for nine years, said the first step is to revamp your résumé. If you can spare $150, hire résumé writers.

It is important to add new skills learned and keep the résumé up-to-date or risk employers labeling you.

“(You will seem) unprepared, unorganized and really (as if) you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for,” Carpenter said.

Next, she suggests getting a LinkedIn profile. Make it detailed. Add a photo.

“(Employers) want to see consistency,” Carpenter said. “So does your résumé match your LinkedIn profile? If those dates don’t align, for me as a recruiter, that’s a big red flag.”

She also recommends using recruiters to aid your job search. Finding a good one willing to meet personally and learn your goals is crucial, Carpenter said.

Since many agencies specialize in certain kinds of jobs, choose firms that, on their websites, have job postings that suit your interests. Also, be proactive.

“Don’t be afraid to just pick up the phone,” Carpenter said.  “So many people submit their résumé into a database or into a job board or whatever but don’t actually follow-up.”

Carpenter’s final tip is to tell everyone you know you are looking for work. Don’t be ashamed or shy. Often, networking opens doors.

“Oh my gosh, (I see it) all the time,” Carpenter said. “Especially, if you’ve been to conferences in your industry and you’ve met some people.”

Finally, resist the urge to take time off.

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