Why the traditional job interview doesn’t tell the full story when hiring

Houston Business Journal

Interviews play a major role in the hiring process. According to Murray Resources’ recent recruiting survey, but it doesn’t tell the full story.

Here are the three significant issues I’ve seen with relying too much on interviews  and how you can eliminate them:

Interviewer bias

Interview bias comes in different forms. For example, similarity bias is when we tend to like people who are like us, whether in appearance, interests, background, etc. Intuition bias is when the interviewer relies on their “gut feeling” rather than the interviewee’s qualifications or experience.

Talent may interview poorly

Top candidates with steady tenure don’t interview often and, therefore, don’t get as much practice. That lack of interview experience puts them at a distinct disadvantage in the hiring process, particularly when an interview is disproportionately valued by hiring managers.

Job hoppers are pros

Thanks to constant practice, these candidates are skilled, confident interviewers. And confidence is rated as one of the most admirable traits in a candidate by recruiters.

To combat these pitfalls, I recommend rethinking the structure of interviews and how they fit into the recruiting process.

Predetermined scorecard

Rather than trying to “de-bias” someone’s mindset, reduce the potential for bias by developing an interview scorecard that’s used for all interviewees.

Pre-employment assessments

Pre-employment assessments — tools employers use to objectively assess job candidates prior to hiring — remove bias from the hiring process by evaluating candidates on a consistent rating system. They’re also an efficient method of screening applicants, saving significant time in the process.

Conduct blind auditions

A blind audition might involve having an applicant complete a job-related task. Instead of basing the hiring decision solely on an interview, a candidate is hired based on their job-readiness and skill level.

Keith Wolf is the managing director of Houston-based recruiting and staffing firm Murray Resources.