Murray Resources Provides Discounted Fees To HCDE Purchasing Cooperative Members

HOUSTON, T.X. – Murray Resources has recently been selected to receive a contract from the Harris County Department of Education (“HCDE”) cooperative purchasing program. As a program vendor, Murray Resources can provide temporary staffing and substitute teachers for the government entities, school districts and other public, nonprofit agencies and organizations made available through the HCDE Purchasing Cooperative.

Upon completion of all program paperwork and application, Murray Resources was subject to a thorough verification of its credentials. As one of three staffing vendors selected for participation in the cooperative, Murray Resources can now market its services to more than 300 member organizations. The HCDE Purchasing Cooperative member organizations are entitled to a significant discount in fees for utilizing Murray Resources’ services.

“HCDE has worked for more than 100 years to advance public schools in the Greater Houston Area. Murray Resources is proud to receive this designation from HCDE, and to utilize this new relationship to provide superior service to our clients,” said President Marsha Murray.

Murray Resources is a 100 percent certified, woman-owned small business providing recruiting and staff augmentation and payroll services nationwide for more than 20 years. For more information, visit