Safety Measures to Take Into Consideration Before Becoming a Petroleum Engineer in Texas

The oil and gas industry continues to persist as one of the highest-risk ones. In fact, compared with other industries, it has the largest number of fatalities and accidents. It’s why safety is such a big consideration if you’re planning to become a petroleum engineer in Texas. You need to know how to protect workers from accidents and injuries with whatever plans, systems, or equipment you’re developing. To do that, here are a few safety measures to take into consideration:

Stay in the know.

It’s your job to stay on top of the tasks and responsibilities of each employee and ensure they are trained properly on safety and following the rules. While you want to give them some autonomy, it’s still important to regularly observe the actions and attitudes of employees in regards to safety. Also, make sure you’re in contact with employees each day and asking them about any safety concerns or questions. This will keep safety top-of-mind for them and help you find out about issues before they escalate.

Hire qualified people.

Don’t cut corners with cheap labor. The more qualified an employee is, the less chance there is for an accident or mishap. When employees understand the equipment they’re working with and the processes they’re implementing, as well as which physical hazards are present, they’ll be able to avoid them and stay safe. This will reduce the risk of injuries and other safety issues.

If you’re hiring entry-level employees, make sure they’re well-trained before putting them on the job. When you do, pair them with a more senior member of your team you trust to guide them. This will not only help them learn faster but stay safer in the process.

Give warnings quickly.

If there’s an issue or an employee is following an unsafe practice, be swift with a warning. They should work to rectify the situation and correct the area in the question. Keep in mind too if you let safety issues go, your team will take notice. As a result, they might begin to feel like you’re not maintaining safe, healthy conditions.

Perform workplace surveys.

It’s important to regularly evaluate and assess your safety measures, looking for areas that need improvement. This includes hazard communication, accident reporting, and walk-throughs of locations with a high number of incidents reported. After these reviews, make recommendations for changes to safety protocol to ensure the measures you’re taking are always on target and effective.

The safer your workplace, the more productive it will be. You won’t to have worry about downtime due to accidents or extra costs from worker injuries. Instead, you’ll have a smoother running, more profitable operation.

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