Tips for Keeping Temp Workers on the Job This Summer

Summer is your busiest time of year. So when a temporary worker walks off the job, it can have a huge impact. But just like you invest time and effort into retaining your full-time staff, it’s also important for to do the same with summer temp workers. As a leading temp agency in Houston, Murray Resources knows that if you don’t you might find your company understaffed and overwhelmed.

Here are 5 tips to help you retain your temp help this summer and make the most of your busy season:

Tip #1: Training & Orientation is a Must.

It might not be as long or in-depth a process as for your full-time employees, but it’s still important to put your summer workers through a training and orientation process, as well. Doing so will not only help welcome seasonal hires and ensure they’re comfortable with their role, but it will also prompt any questions or concerns they may have before they actually start on the job.

Tip #2: Make Them Feel Like Part of the Team.

Sure, your summer workers are probably high school or college kids, or workers looking to supplement their income. But that doesn’t mean you should treat them as grunt workers. Instead, make them feel like a part of the team. Doing so will keep them engaged, motivated, and on the job during the duration.

Tip #3: Communicate Openly and Often.

Check in with your summer hires on a regular basis to see if they have any questions or concerns and to make sure they’re performing well. If there’s an issue, some workers may not feel comfortable coming to you with it; but if you ask them about it, they’re more likely to open up.

Tip #4: Thank Them.

When a summer worker shows up on time, does a good job and becomes a dependable part of the team, thank them. Doing so takes little effort on your part and will go a long way in keeping your seasonal workers motivated and happy.

Tip #5: Find Out What’s Important to Them.

At the end of the summer, gather your temporary workers and talk to them about how the season went. Ask about what they liked most about the job and what they liked the least. Doing so will not only make them feel like they’re making a valuable contribution, but the information you gather will help to improve retention efforts in the future.

Looking for Temporary Help This Summer?

If you need to hire fast for the summer season, give Murray Resources a call. As a leading temp agency in Houston, we can give you access to a large network of qualified and skilled temporary employees who are ready to go to work. Contact us today to learn more.