What Happens To Your Resume After You Send It?

You found the perfect position, polished off a strong resume and cover letter, then hit the “send” button. Now you wait. But did you ever wonder what happens to your resume after that? If you have, here’s a look:


As one of the leading recruiting agencies in Houston, Murray Resources can tell you that at many companies, your resume will typically be screened through some form of technology before human eyes see it. The software uses different types of criteria, including keywords, to target the candidates that seem the best fit for the position. For that reason, when submitting your application, be sure to check the job posting first and include keywords and phrases directly from it in your cover letter and resume.

Once resumes go through the filtering process, the hiring manager will begin the process of screening every one. Most spend only a few seconds on each resume, which is why it’s so important to ensure yours is in an easy to read format, without tight margins and dense paragraphs. It’s also important to make sure your job titles and past and current employers are clearly called out.


If the hiring manager likes what they see in your resume, they will call you to conduct a phone interview. More and more companies are conducting these today. It may take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. But at the end of it, the hiring manager wants to make a decision whether to invite you in for a face-to-face interview. So don’t wing it; treat the phone interview as seriously as if you were going to the employer’s office to meet with your potential boss.

For some employers, the interview is the final step in the process. For others, it’s just the beginning, with multiple interviews, testing and background checks to follow. Again, make sure to prepare, show up on time and dressed professionally, bring copies of your resume, and be ready to sell yourself and your accomplishments.

What if you don’t get a call?

If you don’t get a call or hear back beyond the standard “thank you for applying” email, then the hiring manager probably decided that you weren’t a good match. You’ll likely never know the reason why; however, many companies do keep resumes on file should a better fit position open up.

If you’d like more tips and advice for your job search, call Murray Resources. As one of the leading recruiting agencies in Houston, we can assist you with the entire job search process – from crafting a strong resume to preparing for interviews – all so you can find job opportunities that are a great fit for your skills and background.

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