Why Winter Is THE Time to Add Temporary Employees To Your Team

The most wonderful time of year is nearly here and it’s time for you to add to your team. During this season, temporary employees can help you in a range of ways, from protecting core staff from burnout, providing extra hands to meet year-end goals, and allowing you to take on more work, so your company can grow.

So, why is winter a great time to be adding to your team? Here are a few reasons.

You can find college students looking for work.

Many college students are off school for an entire month. This gives them a lot of free time to fill up. It can also give you the manpower you need to finish important projects and take some pressure off your full-time team.

You can hire winter graduates.

May isn’t the only time of year when students graduate from college. There are also winter graduates that other companies might not think about.

So, if you interested in hiring college grads for a temporary position, or an entry-level one, now’s the time to reach out to local colleges and advertise your opportunities.

It’s also an ideal time to ramp up your social media presence to make sure you’re connecting with the next generation of workers where they spend time.

You can hire candidates ready to earn.

Tis the season for holiday shopping and workers looking to make some extra money. If you need help at your company, then now’s the time to bring temp employees on board. It’s a win-win situation for you both. You get the extra people you need, while they can earn some cash toward their holiday credit card bills.

You can access candidates ready for a change.

Lots of people out there are in the midst of thinking about New Year’s resolutions and making a change with their careers. You can find these people who want to transition into a different opportunity, then try them out on a temporary-to-hire basis. You don’t have to make a full-time commitment until you’re sure they are best-suited for your company’s needs.

You can prepare for 2023.

When you hire temporary employees now, you can assess them, their skills, personality and strengths. If you do need to hire in 2023, these individuals can offer you a pipeline of candidates to choose from. You’ll already know their skill set and whether they will fit into your company culture. As a result, you can hire faster and then can get up running quickly.

You can fill a vacancy without a full-time offer.

If your company is like so many others and impacted by inflation and an unstable economy, then hiring decisions are tough to make. This is especially true for full-time opportunities. These add to your fixed overhead substantially.

However, if you have a job that needs to get done, and not enough manpower, then a temporary employee provides the solution. You can get the professional with the expertise you need, all without adding to your fixed overhead. You can test them out temporarily and then make a decision down the line whether to hire them full time. At that point, the economic picture might be clearer, so you feel more comfortable hiring full-time.

Just make sure if you do need to add temporary employees to your team this winter, you start hiring now. Many companies begin early when it comes to holiday hiring and end up with the best people. If you’d like to do the same, then now’s the time to start posting jobs and interviewing candidates, so you get strong professionals for your openings.

Another reason not to wait? Once the holidays are close, candidates tend to take a break from their job searches. This means you might not have access to the right professionals or qualified candidates for your hiring needs. This can impact your ability to meet year-end goals.

Ready to hire on a temporary basis?

There are many reasons why hiring temporary staff during the winter season makes sense. If you’re ready to get started, turn to Murray Resources. We’re the team you can trust for skilled, dependable, hard-working employees.

Before we send anyone your way, they will be thoroughly screened and vetted, with background and reference checks performed. You can therefore save time and hassle on hiring, while gaining peace of mind that you will find the right-fit professionals for your hiring needs.

We can help you fill roles in a range of ways, from providing access to an entire team of temporary workers in a variety of fields, to temp-to-hire services or even direct hire. Whatever your hiring needs this winter and in 2023, our team can meet them.

Contact us today to get started.