Why You Should Just Say "No" to Counteroffering

One of your top employees just turned in their two weeks notice. Now what? Should you let them walk out the door, or make them a counteroffer instead to try and get them to stay?

As one of the leading recruiting agencies in Houston, TX, we can tell you that once an employee has gotten to the point of handing in their resignation, you should probably let them go. They’ve been searching for a new job for weeks, or even months, under the radar and so have had ample time to think about whether or not they really wanted to leave.

Here are a few more reasons why you should just say “no” to counteroffering:

When you make a counteroffer, typically you’re just throwing money at a problem – i.e. giving an employee more money so they don’t leave and you don’t have to fill their position. But oftentimes, employees don’t leave just because of the money. If that’s all they were after, they would have asked you for a raise. Instead, many employees leave because of problems with their bosses, unfulfilled promises from their employers, and seeking a healthier work life balance.

In addition, when you make a counteroffer, you’re simply prolonging the inevitable. Sure, if they accept, the employee is going to stay on board…for now. But you can pretty much bet that their time at the company is limited. Most employees who accept counteroffers don’t last for more than a year. That’s why you’re better off making a clean break and starting fresh with a new hire.

Finally, another reason to avoid the counteroffer is the message it sends to your other employees. If they know an employee is leaving, but then that employee decides to stay, it signals all they need to do is threaten to jump ship to get a raise. You don’t want one counteroffer to result in multiple employees leaving.

So next time an employee decides to quit, let them go. Congratulate them and talk about how you can work together to fill the gap until you find their replacement.

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