10 Tips for Making Yourself Indispensable at Work

As Houston recruiters, professionals look to us for help in finding a job. Those who are really thinking ahead ask “what can I do to make myself more valuable to my employer?” With the idea of life time employment being a thing of the past for most employees, making yourself indispensable at work is today’s version of job security. We’ve put together a list of the top 10 ways to ensure that you become – and remain – invaluable to your employer.

1. Keep Your Skills Up To Date

Does your company provide ongoing training? Is there new software your department is testing? Provide value by staying on the leading edge of current technology and always be furthering your skills. Be among the first to volunteer to adopt new technologies. You may soon find that you’re training others and becoming the “go-to” person when others in your department have questions.

2. Be a Leader

The most valuable employees do not limit themselves to the projects they’re assigned. Volunteer to do more. Always be eager to tackle new problems and take on new responsibilities if you can. Find unique ways to solve problems that are vexing your department.

3. Make a Connection

Be eager to make new contacts at your company. Find out what you can do to help make your colleagues’ work lives easier. You are part of a team and the more people who understand that they can rely on you, the better.

4. Develop Your Language Skills

In a global economy, there will continue to be demand for professionals who can communicate in multiple languages. Consider taking an evening course in another language or brushing up on the one you studied in school. If a new opportunity opens up at your company, a second language may be seen as a valuable asset for the position.

5. Further Your Education

Industries change very rapidly; stay ahead of the curve by continuing to learn and perfect your craft. Your employer may have a reimbursement program for some certifications and degrees – it’s worth asking.

6. Speak Up

Don’t be afraid to speak up and propose new solutions to your manager or supervisor. If you don’t offer solutions, your manager may think you don’t have any. As Houston recruiters, Murray Resources advises our candidates to feel comfortable expressing themselves, both in interviews and on the job.

7. Put in the Extra Hours

One of the best ways to stand out in a company is to show enthusiasm for your work. Show up early and stay late when you can add extra value to a project. The extra work and dedication will typically pay off.

8. Develop Your Writing Skills

Many people overlook the value of the written word at their jobs. You may consider writing for an industry publication or contributing to your company’s newsletter. When you can provide valuable content, you’re more likely to establish yourself as a thought leader within your industry.

9.  Request Feedback

View performance evaluations as an opportunity to solicit feedback from your manager. What can you do to provide more value to the company? How can you make your manager’s life easier? Demonstrate that you are eager to adjust your work to accommodate their highest priority tasks.

10. Stay Positive

It’s easy to be upbeat when the business is going well and projects are hitting on all cylinders, but stay positive when the going gets tough. Positive energy is contagious and perhaps even subconsciously, your workers will be drawn to your optimism.

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