4 Top Tips for Finding Seasonal Talent

It’s that time of year again…and it can be a double edge sword for those businesses that rely on seasonal workers. While the holidays can certainly be a busy and profitable time of year, seasonal hiring also brings with it a high level of stress.

So what can you do to ease the burden and make the most of this year’s holiday season?

As a leading staffing agency in Houston, TX, Murray Resources knows that just like with full-time hiring, the best approach to recruiting is to find quality talent…not just warm bodies to fill seats.

To help you in your quest, here are some recruiting tips to keep in mind:

Tip #1: Start early.

If you haven’t already begun the recruitment process for this year’s holiday season, you need to immediately start building a candidate database and beginning the interview process.

Once things pick up around Thanksgiving, you should already have your new hires trained and ready to go. On the other hand, if you wait another week or two, you will certainly be left scrambling to hire, which can impact the quality of your seasonal workers.

Tip #2: Recruit your own customers.

Sure, you may post job openings in the local newspaper and on job boards. But so is every other business that needs seasonal workers. So to find the best, think outside the box a little.

For instance, consider hiring your own customers to work during the holiday season. Advertise in your store and in email blasts the openings you’re looking to fill. Let customers know that in addition to an hourly wage, they can also earn discounts. Good customers will no doubt represent you well since they already know a lot about your products.

Tip #3: Get referrals from employees.

Another great source for recruiting is referrals from trusted employees. You may have employees with spouses, friends, or college-age kids looking to make some extra money during the holiday season.

Tip #4: Reach out to retirees.

Many retirees are interested in working…just not full-time jobs year round. In addition to offering you plenty of experience and a strong work ethic, you can always re-hire senior workers for future peak needs, unlike younger workers who generally move on to other jobs.

Need More Help Hiring Seasonal Workers?

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