3 Ways to Ask About Salary Compensation

Talking about money is always uncomfortable, for both the candidate and the manager. However, it’s unavoidable during the hiring process for several reasons.

First, the company has a budget to keep in mind when they’re hiring. They want to ensure your expectations for salary align with it. In addition, they want to know how prepared you are and how well you can gauge your worth. A smart candidate knows what’s fair and competitive for their skills and experience.

However, rather than just walking into a conversation about salary and winging it, make sure you prepare ahead of time.

Researching job salaries.

When it comes to talking about your salary expectations, you don’t want to overreach and ask for more than what’s competitive. At the same time, you don’t want to leave money on the table.

The best way to come up with a figure is through research. There are many online resources and calculators that can provide you with data for average salaries for your experience level and location.

Aiming on the high side.

Once you understand what’s competitive for your background, pad your expectations a bit. In many cases, the hiring manager expects to negotiate and if you start off with the lowest salary you’re comfortable with, they might counter-offer with a number that’s even smaller. When you aim high though, just a little, you can make sure you get your target number.

For instance, if your salary expectation is $55,000, don’t state it’s $40-$50,000. If you do, the employer will likely try to offer you the job for the lowest amount. Instead, say you’re interested in $55-60,000. That way, you can reach your goal and still offer the company some room to negotiate.

Explaining your worth.

If the company counteroffers with an amount you’re not comfortable with, explain why. Bring up the data you uncovered during your research and what other similar companies are offering those with your background.

For instance, you can simply say something like:

“The average salary for this type of position in our area is $45-50,000. So that’s my level of expectation with compensation.”

By offering facts and numbers, and simply being honest about what you’re comfortable with, you’ll go a long way in ensuring you can reach a fair agreement.

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