3 Ways to Know It’s Time to Let That Employee Go

Have a worker who isn’t meeting expectations? You might be ready to let them go. However, terminating an employee is a big decision that comes with many ramifications. It’s therefore important to be certain that it’s the right move to make before you do it. How can you tell if it truly is time to let that employee go? Here are three ways to know.

You’ve exhausted your options.

You’ve met privately with the employee. You’ve talked about performance issues and planned together for overcoming them. You’ve checked in, offered support, and continued to try and encourage them. And yet, they’re still off track.

Whether they’re unwilling to learn or unable to do the job, you’ve gone above and beyond trying to help them. If that’s the case, it’s time to let them go. It’s clear they’re not a fit for the job even though you’ve offered them an opportunity to try to learn, evolve, and prove themselves.

You’ve caught them lying or being dishonest in some way.

Issues with integrity should make your decision clear. When you can longer trust the employee to tell you the truth, or they’re lying and evading the situation, it’s time to let them go. The longer they stay with you, the higher the chance that they’ll do something that could negatively impact a co-worker, a customer, or the company overall. Heed the warning sign and ask them to move on.

They have a bad attitude and badmouth the company.

This is another key reason to let an employee go. If they’re constantly negative, they’re going to sabotage the whole team with their toxicity. In addition, if they’re bad-mouthing your company, a co-worker, or a manager and won’t change their ways, it’s time to cut ties. This kind of behavior is unacceptable and undermines the team and the company overall.

When you have an employee who’s not hitting the mark and you’ve given them second and third chances, it’s time to move on. Not only will it be a positive for you, but a fresh start for them. They’ll have the chance to seek an opportunity that’s a fit for them, where they can thrive.

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