5 Reasons it Pays to Outsource Payroll

Let’s face it. Payroll management is a headache for many Houston companies. But there is a simpler solution – outsource it. Here are five reasons why you may want to consider outsourcing your payroll function:

Reason #1. Save money.

Do the math. Determine how much you currently spend on payroll management. Be sure to figure in costs like printing and distributing checks and completing tax forms. Then compare those costs to the rates of a firm that offers payrolling services, like Murray Resources. The fact of the matter is that many small to medium size Houston businesses will generally save money by outsourcing their payroll function.

Reason #2. Improve accuracy.

Payroll mistakes are painful because they can cause major issues with Uncle Sam. By outsourcing your payroll function, you won’t have to worry about late filings or incorrect paperwork.

Reason #3. Leverage expertise.

Tax and employment laws are constantly changing, and most Houston employers don’t have time to keep up with them. By outsourcing payroll, though, you can take advantage of the expertise offered by a payrolling firm – without having to make a considerable investment in terms of time and effort.

Reason #4. Enhance productivity.

Managing payroll takes up a lot of time. By outsourcing payroll, you and your employees can focus on performing more important, revenue-generating activities.

Reason #5. Increase Dependability.

When you outsource payroll, you don’t have to worry about the employee who handles this task going on vacation or taking sick leave. By working with a payroll services provider, there will always be someone available to make sure your payroll function is handled accurately and on time.

If you have any questions about outsourcing your payroll function, or would like to know our rates for payrolling, please contact Murray Resources. As a leading staffing services firm in Houston, we have the knowledge and experience to manage your payroll with ease and reliability. Contact us today to learn more.