6 Mission Critical Job Search Tips for Veterans

Going from the military to civilian life can certainly be challenging. But, as Houston recruiters, Murray Resources knows that when it comes to your job search, you can leverage the power of your military experience so that you stand out in a sea of other candidates. Here’s how:

Tip #1: Reposition Yourself.

Employers may have a lot of respect for you…but that doesn’t mean they understand the value you bring to the table. They may picture you on the frontlines, not in a boardroom. That’s why it’s important to reposition your experience in a way that highlights your transferable skills, such as leading a team, problem solving abilities, and resilience in the face of challenges.

Tip #2: Speak Civilian.

Most employers aren’t familiar with military jargon, so avoid it in your cover letter, resume, and during the job interview. If you’re not sure what the civilian equation for a certain title, role, or assignment is, then look it up using the Military to Civilian Occupation Translator (http://www.acinet.org/moc/).

Tip #3: Be Relevant.

As a veteran, you may have completed dozens of training courses and hold many certifications. But you don’t want to submit a 10-page resume. So be selective about the educational and training experience you wish to highlight. For instance, if you’re applying for a management position, then include relevant leadership training you’ve undergone. Also, when you get a job interview, you’ll need to be able to explain how your education and training stacks up against a traditional, four-year college degree.

Tip #4: Promote Yourself.

You’re probably used to being a part of a team, rather than going it alone. But when it comes to your job search, it’s not a team effort. Therefore, you really need to work hard to promote yourself and demonstrate why an employer should hire you. To do so, be sure to:

• Customize your resume for each position.
• Go through past performance reviews in search of relevant accomplishments you can highlight on your resume.
• Hiring managers love results. So include statistics, percentages, and specific examples to demonstrate your successful track record.

Tip #5: Research Companies That are Hiring Veterans.

As Houston recruiters, Murray Resources knows that many companies today have dedicated programs for hiring veterans. So do some research to find out who those companies are and what kinds of job openings they have.

Tip #6: Be Persuasive.

Unfortunately, some hiring managers have preconceived notions about veterans, such as they’re only good at following orders. So it’s your job to change their minds and present yourself as a professional with highly valuable skills and abilities. It may be difficult to change minds via a resume, but be sure to highlight important achievements and results during your job interview.

Want More Help from the Job Search Experts?

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