6 Things Your Manager is Looking For

Staffing agencies in Houston, TX such as Murray Resources can be a valuable career resource, not just for finding a job, but also for helping you get off to a quick start in your new role.

One of the ways staffing agencies can help is by preparing you for your first day on the job and communicating the nuances of the company, role, and your new manager. However, there are several basic characteristics that most managers agree are important for their employees to be successful:

1)      Be on Time – No matter what type of manager you work with, leaders expect their people to be on-time to work. Being late to work and/or to meetings can convey disogorganization or perhaps worse, a lack of respect for your coworkers time. As Woody Allen famously said, “80% of success is just showing up.” He probably should have added “on time”.

2)      Be Honest – It’s a given that managers expect their employees to be honest in obvious ways such as not stealing and inflating expense reports, but that also extends to more innocent mistakes. Most managers will accept honest mistakes as long as they’re made aware of the error before it’s too late to correct it.

3)      Be Considerate – Some managers will “put up” with star employees who are difficult to deal with or who are less considerate of their co-workers – but why make them choose? Performing well while respecting your co-workers will help ensure you’re a critical part of the team.

4)      Be Adaptable – At most companies, priorities are constantly in flux as new internal and external demands arise. Having the ability to quickly adjust and to juggle multiple priorities simultaneously is a quality most managers value highly.

5)      Think Creatively – While some tasks at work may become mundane, the most valuable employees are able to think critically about their work and to offer creative solutions. Managers love employees who don’t just present problems, but can also offer thoughtful fixes.

6)      Get things done – At the end of the day, work is about accomplishing tasks. Employees who can be trusted to get large quantities of work done are typically given more challenging and higher priority tasks – just the type of employee managers are looking to promote.

Follow the above tips and you’re well on your way to a solid foundation at your new company – and working with staffing agencies in Houston, TX such as Murray Resources can you help fine-tune your approach at work to ensure you maximize success in your new role.

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