5 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job Offer

As Houston recruiters, Murray Resources knows that job searches are hard, plain and simple.

But one of the most frustrating parts of the process is when you apply for a job, land an interview, think you’re a great fit for the position…only to find out the job offer went to someone else.

While there are certainly factors that are outside your control – such as internal hiring – there may be some things you’re doing that are preventing you from landing the job you want. Here’s a look at 5 possibilities:

Reason #1: You Didn’t Click With the Hiring Manager.

In our current economy, employers are scared of making hiring mistakes. As a result, things that weren’t a major priority in the past – such as soft skills – have taken a front seat in today’s hiring process. So if you didn’t click with the hiring manager or showcase the right soft skills (such as team work and communication abilities or flexibility), then that may be one of the reasons you didn’t get the job. That doesn’t mean you’re not skilled or dependable, it simply means you may not be the right fit for that particular organization’s culture.

Reason #2: You Have an Attitude.

One of the biggest turn-offs to hiring managers is arrogance. So even if you know you have the skill set and proven track record to do the job, acting smug and self-righteous during an interview will only land you on the cutting room floor. During an interview, it’s important to demonstrate confidence and restraint…not attitude and arrogance.

Reason #3: You Have an Unprofessional Online Identity.

If you’re in the running for a job opportunity, then there’s a pretty good chance that a hiring manager will search your name online. And depending on the content of your online profiles, that could either make or break your job search efforts.

Reason #4: You Come Across as Negative or Disinterested.

Hiring managers love eager and enthusiastic candidates. What they don’t love are candidates who offer a more negative outlook; for instance, bashing a former boss or employer or demonstrating a lack of interest in the job. While you may think you’re making small talk with the hiring manager or taking a laid back approach to communicating, what the hiring manager sees is a candidate who is unprofessional or who doesn’t take the job opening seriously.

Reason #5: You Weren’t Really Qualified for the Position to Begin With.

If you “tweaked” your resume to make yourself come across as more qualified than you truly are, you will get found out. Hiring managers are trained to ask questions that uncover a candidate’s true skill level and experience. So you’ll simply annoy the hiring manager and get blacklisted from interviewing with the company for future opportunities.

At the end of the day, you may not have landed the position for any number of reasons. If it was a job you really wanted, then consider reaching out to the hiring manager and asking why you didn’t win the offer. They may be able to give you some valuable feedback that can help in your future job search efforts.

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