6 Tips to Help Improve Your Job Security

According to the U.S. Labor Department, the number of first-time filers for unemployment benefits rose more than expected in early August – signaling that employers are still tightening their belts and the job market is still highly uncertain.

Obviously, there’s not much that can be done if your company closes its door; but if your employer is still making it work, there are steps you can take to demonstrate your value and help ensure you don’t receive a pink slip. Here’s a look:

1. Be Professional

This might sound like a no-brainer, but now is not the time to be late to work, miss a big deadline, or point the finger of blame if a mistake is made. Keep it professional always.

2. Take On More Work

Volunteer to take on added responsibilities, even if you’re already busy. You could take a big weight off your boss’s shoulders and truly set yourself apart from your peers.

3. Promote Your Accomplishments

Keep a log of your accomplishments that you can use when it comes time for your performance appraisal. But don’t just update your boss on them once a year; if you accomplish an important milestone or get great feedback from a customer, let your boss know. That said, don’t brag about your achievements to anyone who will listen.

4. Learn a New Skill

Being skilled in what you do is important; but it’s also important to broaden your skill set and acquire new knowledge. If your company does experience layoffs, then those with the broadest skill set – who can perform many valuable tasks – will likely be kept on.

5. Stay In-the-Know

Join an industry group and read trade publications. Make sure you’re well versed on current and emerging industry issues. Not only will you be able to offer valuable information and recommendations to your employer, but also you’ll make yourself stand out in the process.

6. Keep a Positive Attitude

Employers want people who are more givers, than takers. They want people who are seriously committed to making a positive impact and who will go the extra mile, without being asked. What they don’t want are people who are obstructionists or who whine about every project or assignment.

With the above tips, hopefully you can improve your job security and hang onto your job. If not, and you’re one of the millions of Americans who has been laid off, Murray Resources can help. As one of Houston’s leading employment agencies, we work with many of the city’s top employers, including Fortune 500 firms, financial services firms, legal and medical practices, as well as dozens of other small to mid-sized employers. And we can help you locate the jobs that best match your skills and interests.

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