6 Ways to Make New Hire Orientation More Interesting

For many new hires, orientation is a drag, plain and simple. But as one of Houston’s top recruitment firms, Murray Resources can tell you that considering the orientation process is typically their first experience with the company as an employee, it’s critically important to get them engaged from the get-go.

So how can you transition your orientation from a snooze-fest into an interesting and effective process for your latest recruits? Here are 6 ideas:

1. Put Yourself in Their Shoes.

What kinds of questions will they have? What are some of the biggest challenges they will face in their first few weeks? Anticipate their anxieties and concerns and provide them with answers at their fingertips. For instance, you may want to create a booklet with a company directory, industry or company lingo and acronyms, important buzzwords, and commonly asked questions.

2. Celebrate Your New Hire’s First Day.

Obviously you need your new employee to get to work. But take a step back and look at the big picture. How much more valuable and loyal will they be in the long run to your company if they feel welcomed, comfortable and enthusiastic? So rather than simply conducting basic introductions, host a party or a luncheon for your newest team member. You may even want to consider making it a family affair by inviting his or her spouse.

3. Roll Out the Welcome Mat.

Create a welcome basket for your new hire complete with coupons and a map to local eateries, a company t-shirt, and other goodies. This will reinforce the fact that the company is glad to have them on board. Also, have your new hire’s desk ready to go on their first day, including their computer and email login, so they don’t have to stand around and wait for a place to sit and a computer to work on.

4. Put the Paperwork Online.

The last thing you want is a new employee to go home and tell their family they spent the whole day filling out forms. But thanks to technology, much of the required paperwork for your new employee can be done online ahead of time. So offer that convenience to them.

5. Assign a Welcome Mentor.

Assign a welcome mentor to each new employee. These should be people who are generally personable and willing to help. By doing so, you’ll offer the employee a go-to resource to ask questions and get the information and support they need. Also, make sure you have either their welcome mentor or someone from the company waiting when they first arrive to greet them.

6. Keep Things Brief.

There’s no need for an orientation process that lasts for two, eight-hour days…unless, of course, you want to bore your new employee to death. So just review the most important issues and the major policies. At most, orientation should last a few hours.

Need Help Hiring?

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