Top 10 Ways Applicants Strike Out When Interviewing

You’re qualified. You’re smart. So why didn’t you get the job? In a survey of 153 companies, the following reasons were most commonly given as to why they did not hire an otherwise qualified candidate. Avoid these common mistakes and you may just increase your chances of landing the job.

1) Poor personal appearance – If you refuse to have your slacks hemmed or style your hair for an interview, chances are you won’t put forth the effort to excel at your job.

2) Lack of interest and enthusiasm – Remember, employers are thinking about what you’ll be like as an employee. Not interested in the interview? Then you won’t be interested in your work, either.

3) Over-emphasis on money – Think, “I care more about pay than contributing to your company.” Next, please.

4) Condemnation of past employers – Nobody wants a sourpuss trolling around their water cooler. Keep things pleasant.

5) Failure to look at interviewer while conversing – Staring at your pants during an interview says, “I’m a nervous wreck and I won’t have confidence in this job.”

6) Limp, fishy handshake –Some are keen to dole out the limp fish specifically to women. Appalling! Give everyone you meet a solid grip, which conveys confidence, as opposed to fear.

7) Late to interview – Sure, traffic was a nightmare. It’s always a nightmare. Plan ahead.

8) Failure to express appreciation for interviewer’s time – If you don’t thank your potential employer, they’ll take note that you likely won’t thank their clients, either.

9) Asks no questions about the job – Employers will translate this to mean you don’t put much thought into details, like the projects for which they’re considering hiring you.

10) Indefinite response to questions – Houston recruiters look for confident candidates. Practice articulating what you can do for a company.

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