Are You Protecting One of Your Company’s Most Important Assets? (Hint: It’s Not Your People.)

You often hear the saying that “your people are your most important asset.” But there’s another asset – an invisible one – that is just as important.

Your company’s culture, as leading Houston headhunters Murray Resources can tell you, is one of the main reasons why top talent either desperately want to work for your organization – or avoid it like the plague.

If your workplace culture falls into the former category, then it’s in your best interest to protect it, particularly as your company is growing. After all, besides helping you recruit the best people, a positive workplace culture can increase morale, improve productivity, and boost the reputation of your organization. On the flip side, a negative workplace culture can have wide-reaching and damaging effects.

Unfortunately, many of today’s organizations don’t even realize part of what makes them so great is their culture…until it’s gone. They get so busy hiring additional employees, taking new orders, expanding into different markets, and strategizing and planning for the future that their unique workplace culture falls by the wayside as they grow.

Don’t let it happen to your organization! It is possible to evolve and grow, while still retaining the culture that your employees and customers have come to know and love. Here are some tips to consider along the way:

Expect Resistance to Growth.

Some people embrace change; many, however, do not. And your employees and managers are no different. They have likely grown comfortable with the way things are, making it difficult for them to see why change is necessary. The Houston headhunters at Murray Resources have seen this happen time and time again when companies enact major changes, so expect some resistance.

Show Them the Big Picture.

Once your employees and managers understand where you’re trying to steer the company, it’s much more likely they’ll get behind you…and get on board. So think about what kinds of questions and objections they may have and prepare your answers for them. Educate them about this opportunity for growth and how it could positively impact each one of them in the future.

Get Feedback.

Also, be sure to solicit feedback from your employees. Not only will you gain some great insight before moving ahead with any growth plans, but your team will buy into your plans and ideas more if they have some ownership in the process.

Be Clear About New Goals and Expectations.

Explain how the new company vision will impact each employee’s responsibilities and job performance expectations. Also communicate any new opportunities for advancement that are available. For instance, let them know that while you may expect more from each individual, if they step up, they will earn greater rewards.

Does Your Growing Company Need Help Hiring?

While you’re busy executing your plans for growth, Murray Resources can handle the hiring process for you. As top Houston headhunters, we utilize a comprehensive evaluation and assessment process to match today’s top companies with the area’s best talent – quickly and efficiently. Contact Murray Resources today to learn more about how we can help you.