Are You Redeploying Your Talent? Here’s Our Strategy

In today’s challenging and competitive business environment, workforce restructuring is often a necessity. As a result, roles can change or be entirely eliminated. When this happens, what can you do with those staff members who have been affected? Redeploy them.

When you do, you’ll benefit in many ways. For instance, you already know and understand these employees, their skills and abilities, and their work ethic. As a result, there isn’t the risk of making a hiring mistake when you’re redeploying them into new role. In addition, when you keep hiring internal, it often leads to better results since employees are already familiar with the culture and what it takes to be successful at the company.

However, before you make a move, you need to have an effective redeployment strategy in place to ensure the process goes smoothly with the best possible outcome. It should include:

Assessing employees’ strengths and abilities.

This will enable you to match them to a role that’s a good fit for their competencies, one in which they’ll perform well with an appropriate amount of training.

Training managers to evaluate skills more generally.

When they’re able to see all the transferable skills and abilities an employee brings, they’ll be better able to offer up ideas on which roles will be the right match for them.

Being flexible about timing.

When it comes to redeployment efforts, timing can sometimes be an issue. For instance, the affected employees might not be released in time to take advantage of a new opportunity available in a different department. It’s therefore important to assess each situation on a case-by-case basis and work to be flexible, perhaps offering an earlier release to offset the gap.

Communicating with your employees.

When there’s a redeployment effort underway, affected employees will likely start looking for new jobs. This is common since there’s so much uncertainty ahead. It’s therefore vital to communicate with them regularly and encourage them to stay by talking to them about the benefits of doing so. In addition, get them involved in the redeployment strategy, so they have a voice in the search process.

Redeployment can be a stressful experience for all involved. It’s therefore important to have a sound strategy in place that will keep your staff energized and motivated, while helping your business regain its leading edge and succeed in the long run.

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