How to Know When it’s Time to Look For a New Job

You’re not happy at work. You dread Mondays, feel disengaged, and don’t get along with your boss. But is the situation salvageable, or should you start looking for a new job? Here are some signs from the Houston TX headhunters at Murray Resources it’s time to spread your wings:

You’re noticing physical symptoms.

These can include a lack of energy, a feeling of depression, and overeating or overspending because you’re stressed or sad. Whatever the case for you, these all point to the fact you’re not satisfied at work and it’s time to look for a new job if you don’t want your health issues to escalate further. You deserve a position that helps you achieve a high quality of life, not one that takes away from it.

You’re bored.

You’ve had the same job for years, performing the same work day in and out. It’s no wonder you’re bored. If you’re ready for a new challenge, and there isn’t any room for growth or advancement at your current company, then start polishing your resume and looking elsewhere.

You’re complaining.

It seems like these days all you do is think about work and complain about it to anyone who’ll listen. Whether it’s at family parties, happy hours with friends, or out to dinner with your significant other, you talk about how much you don’t like your job…all the time. When it’s taking over your life in this way, it’s time for a change.

You’re not engaged.

You’re typically a hard worker, but lately you care little about delivering results. You do the bare minimum to get by and aren’t too concerned if your boss notices. In general, you feel out of alignment career-wise, like your current role has run its course.

You get excited about the idea of a new job.

Whenever you think about making a change, you get excited. Whether it’s more challenging assignments, a culture that’s a better fit for you, or an employer who offers more competitive compensation, the thought of moving on makes you smile.

If any of these signs sounds familiar, let the Houston TX headhunters at Murray Resources help. We can learn about your background and career goals, all so we can match you with an ideal new job that’s the right fit for you. Find out more by contacting us today.