How to Make the Career Jump from Temp to Perm in 2022

Temporary jobs offer a host of advantages, like flexibility, competitive wages, and the ability to gain new skills in a variety of workplace settings. But what if you’re ready for something more permanent? Can you turn your temp job into a full-time one? The answer is: Yes! However, you need to take the right approach to make this career jump. Here’s how:

Do your homework.

Learn everything you can about the company. Read through their website, follow them on social media, and search any news articles online. Once you have a big-picture idea of what they do and those they serve, you can see why your work is essential. You might be answering phones and scheduling meetings. However, if you understand how your position is playing a crucial part in the company’s overall success, you’ll come to work eager and engaged.

Be a 100% consistent performer.

Don’t be the inconsistent temp worker; shows up late and arrive unprepared. Instead, become known for your dependability and excellent quality work. This means:

  • Being on time or early for work and meetings.
  • Be prepared and ready to handle the tasks you’ve been assigned to.
  • Dressing appropriately and following all other company policies.
  • Always be respectful and friendly, so you’re pleasant to work with.

You’d be surprised just how much you’ll set yourself apart by simply following these steps.

Treat the job like a full-time one (or a long interview).

If you’re starting in a new temporary assignment, approach it with the mindset that it’s a full-time position already. If, for instance, you spot a mistake, don’t let it go without bringing it to someone’s attention just because you’re a temp. Instead, point out errors, be mindful, ask questions, and strive to exceed your boss’s expectations. You can do this by working ahead of schedule or anticipating your boss’s needs.

Become a go-to part of the team.

Doing your job is one thing. However, if you want to get hired full-time, you also have to stand out. Become that person your boss can turn to take on a last-minute task or handle a project no one else wants to. When you send the message that you are willing to go above and beyond, you’re making yourself more valuable to the company. When your assignment is up, there’s a better chance they will want to keep you on as a full-time member of the staff.

Show up socially.

As a temporary worker, you might not feel like you have to attend company luncheons or happy hours after work. However, if you don’t participate, it will further separate you from your full-time counterparts.

Instead, strive to make yourself a part of the team by participating in all the meetings, events, and activities you’re invited to. Get to know those from other departments, so you have more individuals in your network at the company. Show your enthusiasm and willingness to try new things and be a team player.

Forge ties with your boss and co-workers.

Strong ties with your manager and co-workers can play a crucial part in whether an employer is considering you for a full-time job or you want to inquire about turning a temp job into a permanent one. When it’s time, these individuals can put in a good word for you with the decision-makers, increasing your chance of getting a job full-time. So always be ready to lend a helping hand, come to work with a good attitude, and be empathetic and encouraging.

Make it clear you want to stay.

Once you’ve been on the job for a while and know you’d like to stick around, talk to your boss or manager or the temporary job agency that hired you. Make them aware that you’re interested in transitioning into a permanent position, and explain why you think you’d be a good fit for full-time work with the company. Be ready with specific examples.

Network – even if you don’t get an offer.

Even if it doesn’t work out, you never know where these individuals will be in the future and if you’ll cross paths again. Work to keep in touch with them after your assignment is over socially – in person – or online on LinkedIn, Facebook, or another social media site. This will help you establish more connections in your industry, which you can turn to during future job searches.

Temporary work offers many advantages. However, if you’re ready to take your career to the next level and secure a steady position with one employer, a temp-to-perm opportunity is the ideal next step.

This way, you can go into the assignment knowing it can turn into a full-time job. At the same time, you’ll be able to evaluate the position, the culture, and the team to decide whether it’s a fit for you. Once it’s time to decide, you can choose with confidence.

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