Boost Your Company’s Social Media Recruiting Strategy in These Simple Steps


When it comes to top talent, there’s a lot of competition. A larger company can often have a bigger advantage with more resources, perks and benefits to offer candidates. So how can mid-size or smaller companies gain an edge and get the qualified people they need?

It’s easier with social media recruiting. It offers an effective avenue for reaching skilled professionals and sharing your employer brand. Some ways to make the most of it include:

Identify the right platforms.

With the explosion of social media, there are many platforms available to use for recruiting. However, it’s important to leverage the right ones if you want to reach candidates who will be a fit for your job openings and your company. How did you determine the best ones?

Talk to your existing employees and ask them about ways they find out about your job openings. Also consider which platform is right for the age group you’re trying to target. For instance, the 40 and older crowd tend to be on Facebook, while those who are in the millennial segment gravitate more toward Snapchat.

Create an engaging story.

Before starting to post content, it’s important to think through the kind of message you’re trying to send about your company. It should be an engaging one that includes a mix of articles, videos, photos and other content. It can also focus on a blend of internal happenings – so candidates get a sense of the culture – as well as opinions on industry issues, positioning your organization as a thought leader. Both will help to attract the right kind of talent.

Customize the content you post for different platforms.

The content that you publish on Facebook and Snapchat is going to look and feel different than what you post on LinkedIn. For instance, on Facebook, you might share videos and humorous memes. However, for LinkedIn, you’ll need to take a more professional tone with industry-related articles and opinion pieces.

Encourage employees to advocate for your brand.

Your employees have a powerful and credible voice when it comes to your company and they can serve as an effective ambassador for it. So when you’re looking to hire, ask them to share job postings among their own networks.

Measure your social recruiting results.

To ensure the steps you’re taking are effective and producing the level of candidates you need, measure your efforts on an ongoing basis. If you’re getting a lot of good leads through one social media platform and not another, for instance, it’s time to correct course. Likewise, test out different approaches and content and evaluate which are getting the most positive responses.

Need more help with your recruiting strategy?

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