Do You Feel Replaceable? Time to Show Your Leadership Skills.

Today’s employers need people who add value to their company bottom line. If you’re not sure that you’re one of them, you could wind up on the chopping block. The good news is that there are proactive steps you can take to improve the situation and it all comes down to showing your leadership skills. Murray Resources, leading Houston headhunters, explains how to do it:

Solve a problem.

Is there a challenge your department is facing? Or a bottleneck you’ve noticed in a certain process? Whatever the case, don’t wait to be told what to do about it. Instead, identify the problem and the related issues it’s causing, like time wasted and a drop in productivity. Then come up with a solution and clearly define how it will fix the problem. Once you’re ready, present your boss with your idea. They’ll recognize and appreciate your initiative and dedication.

Ask for a stretch assignment.

These are simply assignments that are beyond your current experience and skill set, enabling you to learn and grow – or stretch – in the process.  If you want to show you’re irreplaceable and ready to add more value, then ask for one. See if there’s a leadership task you can take off your boss’ plate, whether it’s leading an important meeting or overseeing a certain project while they’re on vacation.

Learn about areas outside your role.

Don’t simply focus on your day-to-day job and department. Make sure you understand the company as a whole, so you can find new and different areas in which to contribute. To do so, read through the company website, newsletters, annual reports and any news article you can find. Don’t forget to learn about competitors, too. This will all help you make more informed and insightful comments and observations during meetings, as well as help you come up with more effective solutions.

Nail the basics.

As you’re trying to expand your horizons and put your leadership skills to use, don’t stretch yourself too thin so you’re missing deadlines, running late to meetings, or not answering emails in a timely manner. Remember, you’re trying to win over your boss, not make them wonder.

Interested in showing your leadership skills to a new employer?

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