Do's and Don'ts for Rejecting a Job Candidate

As a Houston staffing services firm, we know that there probably isn’t a manager in the world that enjoys rejecting job candidates. Unfortunately, that task comes with the territory, so you have to get used to it when you’re hiring. And since how you handle candidate rejection is a reflection of how you treat your employees and customers, it’s important that you manage the process with care and respect. Here are some suggestions:

DO pick up the phone.

As unpleasant a task as it is for you, candidates appreciate the effort made to notify them by phone that they didn’t get the job. On the call, thank them for their time and clearly state that you have offered the position to another candidate. After the call, follow-up with an official letter.

DO personalize a rejection letter.

Even though you’re likely to send out a form rejection letter, personalize it with the candidate’s name and the position for which they applied. You may also want to add a personal remark, such as “I enjoyed meeting you and think you have a bright future ahead.” Just remember to be authentic. Don’t say something you don’t mean.

DO thank the candidate.

From creating a resume to preparing for the interview, most candidates have a lot of time invested in each job prospect. Acknowledge this fact by thanking them for their time and effort.

DON’T mislead.

If you think a candidate would be a good fit for the company’s culture, let them know to re-apply again in the future. If they’re not a fit, though, don’t try to soften the blow by encouraging them to re-apply.

DON’T procrastinate.

It’s not fair to the candidate to make them wonder for weeks on end about whether they got the job or not. So be sure to make your phone calls or send out your rejection letters as soon as you’ve made the hiring decision.

DON’T avoid rejection.

What’s worse than procrastinating is not informing job candidates at all that they didn’t get the job. Not only will they be left to wonder what happened, but they’ll also harbor a negative impression of your company, which could harm your reputation in the long run.

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