How to Find the Right Recruiter

It’s not difficult to find a recruiter. There are hundreds of thousands of recruiters throughout the US. Finding a recruiter that fits with your career goals and work-style – that’s a bit more challenging. Recruiters come in various forms, from independents working out of their homes to public corporations employing thousands of recruiters. How can you find one that works for you? Here are some tips.

Have a clear idea of the position you are seeking.

It’s important to start with a good understanding of the type of position(s) you’re targeting. Calling a recruiter and offering to take any job is not an effective approach. (yes, this happens…a lot). While flexibility is not a bad thing, not having any idea about the type of job you’re seeking will come across as undisciplined and unfocused – two traits that don’t excite a busy recruiter.

Do your research

Recruiters tend to specialize by industry and/or function. Some basic Google searching can help you identify recruiters in your area who work in the industry or function you’re targeting. Are you an engineer in Houston? Search “Engineering Recruiters in Houston” and you’ll get results for several local firms that work with engineers. For example, for Murray Resources, you’ll be directed to a page dedicated to Houston engineers. If the types of jobs they have listed match what you’re looking for, contact the firm and set up a meeting with a recruiter. The same approach works for Houston accountants, Houston administrative assistants, or any position.

LinkedIn is another great tool for identifying recruiters who match up well with your target position. You can use the site to browse jobs, many of which are published by recruiters. If a job matches what you’re looking for, seek out the recruiting firm that posted it and start following them on LinkedIn. Chances are they’ll post similar jobs in the future. Murray Resources uses our LinkedIn profile to post jobs, job seeker advice, and interviewing tips.

Look for a track record of success.

Your ideal recruiting agency has strong relationships with a range of hiring organizations within your target market, as well as a track record of placing top-notch talent in positions like the one you’re seeking.

How do you research that information? Start with the recruiter’s own website. Do they have a blog? If so, read through it and learn more about the firm before you contact them. Check the Better Business Bureau  – do they have a number of unresolved complaints? You should be able to learn the following online:

  • How long has the recruiting firm been in business?
  • What types of companies do they work with?
  • Do they have testimonials or case studies on their website that you can browse through?

Set up an introductory interview.

Any reputable recruiting firm will want to meet with you (in person, if possible) before presenting you to a client. This is also your chance to find out more about them. Ask about the types of jobs they work on and if someone with your experience and background fits well with the types of positions they place. Treat the meeting as you would any job interview. If you show up in a t-shirt and torn jeans, the interviewer will likely assume that’s how you’re going to represent the firm to their client. Dress appropriately and be prepared to discuss your experience and what type of position you’re seeking.

Ask for referrals.

If, after meeting with a recruiter, you determine that your goals and their recruiting sweet spot are not a match, ask if they can refer you to another agency that would be a better fit. The recruiting world, while large in numbers, is an small one. They should be able to refer you to another firm that can help.

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