Is Turning Down a Promotion Career Suicide?

Most people would be thrilled to get offered promotions to new Houston jobs. But for some, the thought of a heftier paycheck isn’t worth the price of added responsibility and longer hours – especially if the job promotion doesn’t align with future career goals.

So if you’re in the latter category, is turning down a promotion akin to committing career suicide? Maybe.

In a struggling economy, it could be unwise to turn down a promotion. For instance, your boss might know something you don’t: that your current position is on the chopping block in the near future. Or your boss might simply feel confident in your abilities and trust you to do a good job in the new role. Whatever the case may be, look at the bigger picture before making the decision to decline a promotion. Perhaps the promotion could be a steppingstone to better Houston jobs in the future.

However, if you’ve thought about it and feel adamant about refusing the offer, don’t just decline and leave it at that. Otherwise, your boss might feel like you’re leaving him or her in the lurch. Instead, sell your boss on the idea of why you should remain in your current position. And don’t just talk about how staying put benefits you; talk about how it benefits your boss and the company. Tell your boss about how you can offer more value from where you are positioned now.

After you explain why you should remain where you are, you should also offer your boss a solution. For instance, say you’ll take on more responsibility, if needed, until someone else is hired for the position. Providing a short-term solution not only helps soften the blow, but it also demonstrates that you’re still committed to the company’s success.

The bottom line is that declining a job promotion can be a risk. It might pay off in the future and it might not. So before making any hasty decisions, be sure to analyze all the pros and cons carefully. Your boss likely won’t mind if you take some time to think about it.

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